Thursday, July 16, 2009

What have I got?

One of the beauties of this set is the absolute confusion surrounding the value of the cards. They are so new that not even Beckett can place an initial value on items. Just a bunch of N/A's appear next to the card. That is why I always make a point to penny sleeve everything I pull, and let the dust settle later. I'll get to the card in question in a moment, but first I present... This was another relic that I pulled last night. Now here is the deal...I have pulled three relics out of the first twelve granted I was just reaching in and grabbing a random pack, but either the last 12 contain absolutely nothing cool, or this box is going to end up defying the odds. I dont know yet, but I am starting to wonder because of this next card.

Now keep in mind this is pulled from Ebay since I am not at my scanner this morning, but I pulled a Hertz mini, no-number hand-numbered to 50 (mine is #37). I have to assume that there is something KINDA special about this card, but really have no idea how to gauge that. This would be one of those rare instances where I would consider selling or trading with the card shop for some product simply because it does not really fit into my collection mold.
So I reach out to the blogosphere to help me figure out the value of this card so I don't get stiffed by the grouchy card shop owner or his lackey. Is this a good card?


  1. Nice relic to go with some of the younger guys you're trying to collect.

    I can't help you with the value of the hand numbered card, but I'd do the exact same thing you're thinking about doing - trading/selling for more product. I'd do it two seconds if I pulled a "big" hit.

  2. One of the parralles of the mini set is the no number set. Basicly it is exactly the same as the regular mini except it has no card number or A&G add on the back, instead they are hand numbered to 50. There are only 50 of the card you have made. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a few bloggers offer you a trade for it. I can think of a few that like oddball stuff like this.

  3. I found this post with pack odd on it.

    Looks like a no number card comes one every 95 packs.

  4. I guess that is fairly rare, though not terribly so. I will sell it for one millllllion dollars!