Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Mystery Topps Letter

So if you read the blog earlier today you will know of the story that the post office left a note in my mailbox saying I had a certified letter from Topps that I needed to sign for. My curiosity was peaked all day as I tried to figure out what was so important that I needed to sign for it. Well (my first scan!!) here is what came in the mail...
This is a Dae Ho Lee WBC Redemption Rookie Card. Apparently this is WBC card 7. What you can't tell for the scan is that this is a refractor, and a damn nice looking one at that. I have no idea what I have here, don't know if it is rare or what, or why Topps decided to send me THIS card when there was no code on the back of the redemption card. Does anybody know about this card? Let me know!


  1. Huh... a nice looking card, but a bit anticlimactic. I guess it must be somewhat rare if it needed to be signed for. Just tell everyone that there's "no pricing due to scarcity." That's what I'd do, and viola, a priceless card!

    I know nothing about this card - sorry!

  2. That is wicked awesome. Hmm... I wonder if the other two will be refractory.