Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ginter Box #2 Complete!

Finally caught a break with the kid sleeping tonight and had a good chance to finally do some serious ripping. It was getting a little touch and go with this box. It took me forever last night to find my first hit, a Magglio Ordonez relic. I made that my stopping point for the night.

Well tonight the packs were really playing tricks with me as I ripped pack after pack and and nothing but standard base cards and a few interesting mini's. I grabbed the final 7 packs and went though one by one, 7,6,5,4,3,2...each pack, no hit! I had a mixture of both excitement and possible anger. Excitment that maybe this would be a box that would hand me a rip card which I want soooo bad, and anger that possibly the manufacturer shorted the box of 3 guaranteed hits. Well, turns out by chance that the last two pack DID have a hit each...

yikes, these came out tiny. Still learning the scanner I guess. Anyways I received my second David Wright Jersey card after promising one to Dinged Corners. The second box was a very nice hit, a Clayton Kershaw auto card! This is perfect for my pitching phenom wing of the collection, so I was very excited to receive this card.

Here are a couple other highlights of a reasonably interesting box...

I am not a huge fan of the mini's, and most will be up for trade, but the Creatures of Legend are pretty cool, our company used to be owned by Enron, and a black border card is oh so fine. cool. Now the art sketches I am officially totally on board with and think I am going to make efforts to collect them all (25). Please keep these in mind for me if looking for trades. Mannys dreads are just insane in this card. Two Red Sox, not too shabby.

guess that is it for now. Thanks for the semi-heart attack Ginter on the last-second hits. One box to go, three more chances at that rip card, and then I will also know how close to a set I am and post all my dups available for trade!


  1. I'll take that Hanley mini off your hands..... Tell me what youwant for it....

  2. Oh yeah, you're the Marlin guy! I could also go through my team misc for you. By chance have you collected any A&G and have any of the sketch cards?

  3. I am trying to finish the mini sets (even the regular minis). Please let me know what you like to trade for?

  4. I am also working on those mini insert sets. I've opened a fair few boxes of A&G for the last few years. I have some extras of the sketch cards as well as some other stuff. I just haven't yet used your handy-dandy spreadsheet to figure it all out. That's for next week's games.

  5. Hi Ryan and MrsTooth. Within the next day or so I will bust open my last box of Ginter and inventory everything that I have. Keep an eye on my blog and I will announce when I have posted my A&G availables.

    As for what I am looking for. I would like to complete the sketches set and MAYBE one of the mini sets like creatures or bamboozles.

    Hang tight for a couple days and check back in!