Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My First Ginter Pack Break!

This one goes out to some dude named Andy who LOVES watching all of us break open packs of Ginter! I got my first box tonight and am ready to pull out some beauties.

I actually am going to pace myself, and will be collating in hopes of getting an entire set for the first time since I started out with Topps a month or so ago (I still have an entire extra set and am entertaining any offers).

After the frantic push over the weekend to crack the code, I am strangely at peace with the situation of not knowing officially if Nick and I won. I know for fact we got the right answer, and it does not sound like there are any others out there that have solved it. But I can't argue that it makes good business sense for Topps to keep it on the down low for awhile, so if we got in first, gravy. But for now its just time to kick back and have some fun!

Great things about this box:

Time to collate! This will be the second full set that I am going to try to complete since collecting again.

Crazy, weird cards! A nice break from boring ol baseball players (kidding). But who does not want to pull a crazy creature of myth.......thought so.

Eight cards per pack! Are you kidding me, this is the most cards of ANYTHING I have opened since completing Topps Flagship. I was paying 3 bucks for three cards, 4 bucks for 5 cards. Lets get some cardboard out of this deal.

Mini cards! My first mini collection! How the heck do you store these things though? Regular penny sleeves? MINI Penny Sleeves? Bwa a a a ahhhh!

Well, anyways, enough of the chatter, lets rip a pack!

N43 Boxloader. Weird. all of the Ginter previews showed a signature on this card. Must be a misprint, I will call Topps in the morning!

Vernon Wells, George Posada (a yankee, of course) and sheep sheering champion Opstedahl. That sheep on the Ginter box better watch his back!

K-Rod, Geronimo lookin MEAN. He may be on the run, but he is taking a few settlers out with him. And our latest no-hit hero Jonathan Sanchez. MINI Matsui....Bwa a a a ahhhhhh!

Carlos Pena national pride

And of course the ginter code rules...hope somebody I know cracks it.

All of this scanning has me tuckered out. I will rip a few more, and report any hits tomorrow.

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