Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interesting Cards for Last Night

Well, I said that I would get back to you with any interesting cards to speak of. I opened up seven packs last night, but all that organization and collation took a lot out of the big guy, so thats as far as I got last night. Eight cards per pack! Thats a lot of responsibility! Plus now I need to go buy another cardboard box for my "hits" and I never get out of that hobby store with just supplies. Doomed.

Here are my unique cards of the eve... The Milky Way...much smaller than I first thought. Once we nuzzle up to Andromeda, then things should get interesting.

A cross between Dr. Who and Kelso from "that 70's show"

I had no idea that David Wooderson stacked cards in between going to Aerosmith concerts and hookin up with high school chicks.

Ah the hits...I know i am doomed to meaningless swatches of players I don't really care about. Make me an offer and you too can have a David Wright Jersey or a Mark Mulder PANTS swatch. Don't know why Mulder scan so tiny, but rest assured this is just your run of the mill, normal sized pants swatch.

I did pull a couple highlight sketch cards that were pretty interesting

Mr Pujols (hehe) before cracking one out of the park. When finding this scan I ebay I noticed some sucker bidding 20 bucks on a pujols hat swatch??? No auto, no nothing. Pujols mania has gripped the nation apparently. Me? I will give you this card in trade if you really want it.

And of course my run of pulling Chipper Jones cards continues. This one is considerably goofier looking than Pujols.

And then to wrap it up, I had 7 mini cards, 3 of which were ginter-backed rookie cards, 3 regular backed player cards, and then the London Bridge Bamboozle Cards. I am still at a loss over 1) how to store these cards 2) all the different variations available and which are more rare, and 3) WHY everybody goes nuts and spends a ton to get them. But I will plow forward and by the end of my boxes I will have 72 little confusing cardboard pieces to ponder over.

Tonight I volunteered for the Triple-A All-Star game. I will be one of the dudes holding the huge american flag during the National Anthem. That is pretty cool, though in Portland, we will probably be lucky if we can get a Cessna to do the flyover. I am unsure who is singing the national anthem, but my money is on either Storm Large (local singing talent) or Art Alexakis from Everclear. Those are just my guesses.

Might stick around for the game to see Buchholtz pitch, but other than that probably grab a dog and sneak out early. Will report more later.


  1. I love me some relics. Let me know what you had in mind for a trade!

  2. Is the David Wright relic still available?

  3. WINNERS! Joe you can have the Mulder (minus Skully) and Dinged Corners can have Mr David Wright. Contact me for trade summit :)

  4. I love Chipper Jones. He is my baseball god. I never pull his cards... yet you do.
    But with that... are those sketch cards as bad as I think they are?

  5. I like the pujols, but the jones is a bit odd. Contact my email and I well send you some scans of some Jones cards I have pulled lately.

  6. Beethoven reminds me of Belushi playing the part on SNL