Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ginter Code Explanation: What's Next?

Hi everybody,

So now that I am a day seperated from the Ginter Code madness, I have had an opportunity to figure out a way to post an solution explanation for everybody. Here is kinda what I was thinking...

Since this was a team effort, I would like Nick to be able to work on the project with me, I think that I will set up a blog site specifically for the solution. That way Nick and I can both be editors on the blog since we have the small issue of being a couple thousand miles apart!

I originally thought about posting the explanation on this site, but I would prefer go back to the rubbish (is that word worth any ginter-cuff points) blog about random baseball card postings from a rookie collector who has no idea what the hell he is doing. I have lots of cards from my fellow collectors that I want to scan and thank them for, and I want to focus on completing sets (especially A&G). Not that its not cool to have 600 hits in one day (my computer started smoking, seriously...fake story) but I am OK with my usual 30 plus a couple comments! I just wanna have some fun!

So I will start building the blog immediately and my guess is within a few days or so, we should be able to open up the blog and post a link to it! Once again, you guys are awesome (that's for night owl) and thanks for the kind remarks! In the meantime, ponder this beauty... You read right...Chris Carpenter was absolutely lights out shutting out the Cincinatti Bengals for 8 full inning. Scoring went something like this...
So clearly you can see that the Cardinals scored a field goal, followed by an unlikely safety near the end of the first half. The second half was a bit more standard with a field goal for the Tig...I mean Bengals, and a TD for the Cards. however the Cards felt so bad about the whooping that they were laying, so they decided to let the kicker come out on the field and kick an extra point!

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  1. Congatulations to both of you! When you have a free moment, please drop me an email:

    I would love to put both of you on special cards. It is kind of a tradition over at PunkRockPaint: