Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Well, it's a new day. Yesterday was pretty exciting with all of the code talk. I did a little more checking and double checking and am convinced that Nick and I did submit the right answer. Some people know some people at Topps who could not check immediately because they were covering the Home Run Derby, so that alone leads me to believe that nobody has guessed it correctly yet, so feeling really confident, but definitely anxious about it!

But enough on on for now, since it is all just speculation at this point...I had another interesting event yesterday. As I checked the mail (no brown envelopes today :(, but I did have an interesting message from the post office that they have a certified letter that I need to sign for at the post office. The interesting part is that it is from Topps!

Now, the only things that I can think of is that it is my order of A&G cards, finally arriving for my ripping pleasure...but those are not being sent from Topps, but rather D&A and Atlanta Sports Cards.

So do you remember way back when I had three WBC Rookie Redemption cards. Well I could not seem to trade them away, so I decided to enter the numbers in. I then discovered that there was more than on Rookie Card (depending on the code you enter). But the catch was that on the back of the 3rd card there was no code in the box to enter.

So I decided to go ahead and just mail it into Topps to see if I could redeem SOMETHING with it. So I now wonder what it is that Topps sent me that would possibly require me to sign for...hmmm...I am going to the Post Office after work today and will definitely blog about this tonight.

In other matters, due to my obsession with cracking the code, I have been really negligent in (A) sending out packages, (B) responding to trade requests, and (C) spending money at the hobby store (actually I am happy about this one). I will do my best to get caught up and to tell you the truth it is quite nice to not have to think anymore about code cards and symbols. It can drive you batty! I have four packages to mail out today, and I will be in contact with those of you who wanted to trade.

Good to be blogging again!


  1. Dang, how could I have missed out on those? I loves me some WBC.

  2. well, when I receive the other two (who knows when) I will definitely keep you in mind, but check in later tonight to see what this letter is all about...