Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Big News!

Hi folks,

I have a scanner now! So now you will see the actual images as I get the cards!

Well, that is kinda big news I guess, but I have something else that I need to get out there before you start hearing rumors.

You may notice that I have not blogged in the past couple of days. Reason being that I was dedicating 100% of my time working on the Ginter Code (just ask my wife)! Well, Saturday rolled around and I was contacted by a blog read, Nick Jacoby (go figure on the last name), who was looking to work as partners to solve the code. We both had made an interesting discovery about the code cards and decided to combine our efforts.

Long story short...late this afternoon we cracked the was puzzles inside puzzles inside puzzles...and NO, we don't know officially if we are first, but I figured I would tell you before you hear it one some message board somewhere. Keep your fingers crossed!

Cardboard Junkie, while not officially submitting some scans, I used your scanned base list quite a bit, and if I won, you are gunna get that Dominique, thats a promise.

There was one other guy that sent me a scan (I have your email) and I will kick you down something as well.

So there you have it. Time to wait and see, but believe me when Topps says they made it extra tough this year, the were not lying!



  1. Mike - Pleasure working with you to crack I just hope I can actually get some work done tomorrow!!!!


  2. I am just spent. I dont want think about anything tonight...except hopefully hearing from Topps tomorrow!

  3. You're ridiculous... and I truly hope you've cracked the code!

  4. cool, first backhanded compliment of the evening! Thanks Joe, we'll see. I know we got it...but did we get it first?

  5. Heh - nothing negative implied. That's a hell of an accomplishment! But there's goes the only shred of motivation I had for purchasing Ginter packs (to send you the code cards!). Good luck!!

    p.s. Congrats to you and your scanner, too - didn't want to leave anyone (or anything) out in the excitement around the Ginter code...

  6. The scanner was a code in itself to figure out, but succesfully scanned a crappy Carl Crawford card yesterday. thought I saw smoke coming out of the scanner.

  7. Mike - time to update the sidebard...

    Current need zero cards for the Ginter code!

  8. Hope you pulled it off. You'll have to share how you figured it out after the dust settles.

  9. holy crap. I haven't even got my boxes yet...

  10. Congrats Mike..I hope you were first!

  11. Congrats on the code break. I recall Topps trying to make this year's harder then last year's was, and you seemed to have cracked it much faster than the 2008 incarnation.

    I'd be interested to hear all about it when it's done. Good job.

  12. it'll make for a long story, even longer if topps sits on their hands before announcing a winner!