Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warning: Objects in Post Might Be Shinier Than They Appear!

I have blog guilt. Yesterday I mailed it in and did a.....gasp!...all text blog. I was just too tired to find the images online due to my lack of a scanner. Just go down to Target and drop the stinking 80 bucks, right? I will make up for it today with some incredibly shiny (I wear my sunglasses at night) chrome cards. I may even pepper in a few to last nights post as the day progresses.

So here in my side of Portland there are three main hobby shop options:

1) The grouchy guy with the cheap(er) packs, overpriced hobby boxes, and surly attitude

2) The mellow living-the-hobby-shop-owning-dream guy with way overpriced single packs but cuts deals on hobby boxes to regular customers

3) The over-the-top expensive on all products guy...went there twice, but probably no more.

So I needed some more 3-ring sheets, but lets be honest here...do we ever leave a hobby shop with JUST supplies? So I snagged a few packs of the Topps 2008 Chrome as well as my usual couple packs of Bowman, for which I can honestly say I have prospect cards coming out of my nose.

These were my first Chrome packs, so I was pretty surprised at some decent quality hits in the pack, here are the highlights:
This Uggla is numbered to 1959? I assume that this represents the style of the card, but I can only guess. Every time I see an Uggla card it reminds me of all the times. I love how this card accentuates the positives of Uggla's 27 and 31 homeruns in 2006-2007, but conveniently leaves out the K's with 123 and 167 respectively. Not only that but in 2008, Uggla managed four more K's (171) with 101 LESS at bats! Why do I dwell on this? Fantasy baseball scars, baby. Fantasy baseball scars.
Here we have a nice gold shiny Jeff Francouer numbered to 1959. Hometown hero. The interesting fact on the back states that Jeff led all MLB Outfielders with 19 assists (what year??). I guess this means that Jeff would rather pass the rock rather than take it to the rim.

The image above does no justice to this shiny refractor, numbered to 400. Howard is another one of those Feast or Famine guys, and one of the few that did not absolutely tear up Johnny Cueto and the Reds last night. Poor Johnny.
I would like to offer up any of these to you fans out there. My team box is getting stuffed full lately and I would rather send some cards out than go visit cranky store owner this week, so let me know if you want to make a home for any of these guys!

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  1. You mailed in the mail blog entry... nice!