Monday, July 6, 2009

Mail Thank You!

Happy Ginters Eve!

This is a bit of a frazzled blog as I have been dealing with a class project, a fussy little boy, and five nice padded envelopes in the mail. I want to thank everybody this evening, but am a bit too worn out to go searching for images, but I will get an opportunity to share some pictures down the road.

the first thanks goes to Dave C. I have been struggling to determine whether Dave is THE Cardboard Junkie or whether somebody was just replying to me from a posting I left at the Cardboard Junkie site. Nevertheless, Dave came through big time for me, especially in my latest quest for phenom pitchers. Included in the package were

2006 Bowman Heritage prospect Yovani Gallardo (personal favorite
2009 Upper Deck Yovani
SEVERAL King Felix cards from various years and makes
Cueto and bruce Topps Heritage 2009
Hamels A&G 2008
Luke Hochevar Masterpieces RC
Jered "Dont call me Jeff' Weaver
Mad Max Scherzer RC (thanks!!)
Tim Lincicum and his crazy leg
Zach Greinke and his enormous flat billed hat
Joba the Hutt (I believe the Meh is the proper response here!)

Dave also came to my aid and kicked down several Turkey Reds 2009 to inch me ever closer to completing that set! Thanks Dave!

Greg from Night Owl set a nice package of Sox as well as a VERY NICE Ricky Romero Topps Update Draft Pick 2008 card. I was also very surprised to see my very first XFractor card, Jacoby Ellsbury Topps Chrome 2008 as well as few other Red Sox variety cards that Will go nicely into my Sox wing. Thanks Greg!

I also received a package from Chris at Nachos Grande. Chris was looking for some base topps cards and sent me several Turkey Reds as well as a nice Dice K and Big Papi 2007 UD Masterpieces. Papi has a bit of shrek thing going on in this card. I will post a photo soon. Your package went out Friday, so hopefully you see it soon!

The last package was an ebay purchase that netted me another 5 turkey reds. As it stands I am 15 away from competing this set, so thanks to everybody for helping me out and let me know how I can return the favor!

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