Monday, July 6, 2009

Ginter Mania!

Wow, this is my first year of collecting, so nothing could have prepared me for what can only be dubbed Ginter Mania 2009!

As promised, I would like to organize a grass roots campaign to solve the Ginter code. Details seem pretty sketchy to this point, but it appears that they are 100 (yes 100) of these cards needed to crack the code. I have not located a firm answer on what the prize is, but it is rumored to be an autograph card of every frame subject (how many that is who knows) but my guess is many. Therefor here is what I propose:

1) I will create a side bar list of all needed ginter crack the code card numbers needed.

2)Once you receive a card that is needed, send me an email at and I will "activate" you for the prize split and list you in the sidebar and the proprieter of that code card. BTW the same rules apply to me, if I do not pull a Ginter Code card, then I am not "activated" and will happily facilitate the program for the rest of you.

3) Since there are 100 cards out there, we will have no more than 100 possible entrants to split the prize. Should there be less than 100 autograph cards as the main prize, we will use to decide the winners of auto cards (if there are 50 cards, then we will have 50 winners, etc)

4) If you send in more than one card, you will receive an extra slot in the drawing.

Again, worst case scenario is doing a drawing where somebody gets left out. A more likely case is that we are able to split the pot equally amongst participants.

Make sure to hang on to all your cards, as last years call to action required certain cards to be mailed in to Topps.

Chances may be slim to none, but lets have a little fun with this and see if we can make it happen!


  1. I'm in i get my box in on Wed. Can't wait!

  2. sounds great! Unsure when mine will ship, hopefully tomorrow. Is it my turn to finally get a big hit?..............nah.

  3. I got Ankiel and Quentin... Drop me an email and I will get scans for you asap...

  4. My box should be here by the middle of next week, so you can count me in too.