Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crack the "Gellner" Code!

Free stuff! Lots of blogs seem to hold contests, and I have been trying to think something up for you all to play. This game will take a little bit of the pressure off of the Ginter Code (and a lot easier too). Here are the rules of the game

1). Those who have collected Topps 2009 will stand to be at an advantage, but creative people can find the needed information as well.

2). I will list out 17 players cards from Topps 2009. The names will be scrambled, but are broken into first and last name scrambles.

3). Once you have unscrambled the names, find the card number associated with that player. Once you have the card number, add together the digits of the card and move your marker forward that number of spaces and write down the letter. Use the standard A=1 B=2 code. So for example, if the card number is 162, move forward 9 spots, if the card is 500, move forward 5, so on and so forth. Once you write down the letter, use that as your starting point for the next move and wrap back around the beginning of the alphabet.

4). Once you have all of the letters written down, you must unscramble the name of the player. The scrambled letter WILL NOT be broken into first and last name, so it will be a bit tougher.

5). In order to win the card, you must leave a comment with not only the name, but the CARD numbers you used to solve puzzle. Tough? You bet! But I dont know about you, but I dont get my Ginter boxes until next week so it will pass some time!

6). Winner will not only get the players card, but also name me a team and I will search though my team box for some nice filler cards.


1 dyan ermat

2 suil tolcalis

3 rakm haante

4 nialde ymrupm

5 hnoj landgar

6 ronoc nkjasco

7 nyra hcurch

8 rocihi

9 ydnaw zuegirdor

10 divad rihgtw

11 lacpodi olancop

12 ffej stensrak

13 soonfla rosiano

14 diarna terleb

15 rotii nteuhr

Get Crackin!


  1. Ok, I think I got it....

    The player is Andrew McCutchen.
    The card numbers were:

    My favorite team is the Texas Rangers.

    That was challenging...

  2. WOW, that was fast. It probably took me longer to set up the puzzle than in did for you to solve! Alright, I will make a post shortly with the card image.

  3. Hey Brian, send me an email at and I can get your information. I can't seem to find your email.