Friday, July 10, 2009

Gellner Code Has Been Cracked!

Well, after all of the blood, sweat, tears (and a lot of counting) that I put into the Gellner code, it appears to have been cracked in short order. We have an anagrams master in our midst! The winner of the 1st "Gellner Code" contest is Brian! I am unsure if Brian has a blog or not and if you are reading this, email me you info, but nevertheless Brian quickly deciphered correctly that Andrew McCutchen was the mystery card and also supplied the card numbers used to create the code. Below is the card you will be receiving:

This is McCuthens 2005 First Year Topps Draft Pick card from the Topps Updates release. McCutchen is currently making a name for himself as a full-time replacement for Nate McClouth (is it a prerequisite to have Mc in your name to patrol the outfield?) and his value will surely rise...before the Pirates decide to trade him away.

Also, as part of the prize, Brian has chosen the Texas Rangers as his team of choice. I will go through the cards, but I already know that I at least have an Alfonso Soriano and some Hamiltons to send ya.


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