Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July!

Finally I am taking a moment to do a bit of blogging. I was a Target this morning, so I grabbed a couple packs of Gouday and a few O Pee Chee, so I will crack those and post some results in a bit.

Just thought I would share JD's day of firsts yesterday. We pretty much live in a warzone neighborhood when it comes to fireworks, so my wife and I packed up the kid and headed south to her hometown, which is a little farming community about 45 minutes from where we live. They have a nice little parade with some tanks, horses, tractors and old school cars. And this is probably one of the last parades left that actually still throws candy. They wised up a bit this year and did not throw out the mints that shatter into a million pieces upon impact. JD took in his first parade and did okay except when the big tank rumbled by (hell, the size of that thing shook me up a little bit too) and also the fire engines were dorking around on their sirens a bit too much.

From there we went bbq'ing with the inlaws and Jacoby got the chance to splash around in a kiddie pool for the first time. I think that was easier for him than us since we were the one's hunched over the pool holding him while our backs screamed in pain.

That evening Jacoby got to watch his first fireworks display. I think he was more than a little confused why not only were were keeping him up late, but also OUTSIDE?

As we got home around midnight, a hazy cloud of smoke hung over our neighborhood and a lingering crowd was slowely dispersing. Does not look much better out there this afternoon! More on those cards in a bit.

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