Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Random Thoughts...

Hi Folks, lots going on this morning and then I have a volunteer activity all afternoon, so I have a small window of opportunity to pass along some quick thoughts and notes for today!

  • The 10,000 hits drawing is still on! You have until noon today to comment on my 10,000 hits post to be entered in the random.org drawing for the prize! A quick note. I did not get a chance to update my Chrome Availables list last night. Rest assured, there are plenty, as only 5 of the 96 cards helped me towards my base set in that last box! I will have to update this evening and then the winner can pick out the 25 that they would like! Enter the contest no later than 11:59 AM today!

  • SP's are a pain in the butt. This really should be it's own posting, but I am just thinking about how absolutely difficult it is to finish off some of these sets like Heritage and Legendary Cuts etc. I understand the point of "the chases" and stoking trading, but folks on Ebay and hobby shops are CLEARLY taking advantage of this....Did I see that Collective Troll indicated that his hobby shop is charging 5 bucks APIECE for Heritage SP's? Yikes. My hobby shop does not even display them. They keep wanting me to go to their Beckett Store to purchase them...do you think they will be any cheaper their? I highly doubt it. And eBayers are not playing nice either. How does anybody complete these sets?

  • Red Sox. Heating up! Nice pitcher performances from Clay and Byrd over the weekend. Its no secret that the key to the playoffs is the arms race and the Red Sox appear to be stablizing, minus Dice-K light, and Beckett's Home Run tendencies Ala 2005. Things are looking up though and the Sox are starting to distance themselves from the Wild Card pack. That could all change though with a series beginning tonight with the Rays. Of course I would have to say that most of the pressure rests squarely on Tampa at this point (what were they thinking trading Kazmir)?

  • Brett Favre and his mysterious self-diagnosed cracked rib....Is he going to have it checked out by a REAL doctor? No. I betcha a buffalo nickle though that everytime he has a bad game or throws a patented untimely interception, those ribs are gunna be acting up.

  • Have I mentioned my frustrations with SP's yet? :)

  • I had a dream that Topps called me last night about the Ginter Prize. Then I woke up. Topps had not really called me.

Have a great day!


  1. Yes, Heritage is a long journey... I have yet to complete a set and 3-5 is the going rate for SPs. The pressure is on the Rays, not the Sox and I have no idea what the hell they were thinking trading Kaz. Tonight was to be his start. I don't have the money to go to the game anyway, but I am not a happy fan. We will see...Are you gonna have a Ginter card next year? That would be so rad!

  2. IF they were going to do a Ginter card, I would make sure it is on my baby boy and not me! After all, he is the CEO of the site.