Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mail Call: Troll!

Came home yesterday from a long day at the office and found a nice yellow envelope waiting for me from a Troll in the ol' mailbox. Let's head to the highlight reel...

Two 2009 Topps Heritage Short Prints, floating heads addition! I actually have some news around the short prints. I have gotten more aggressive on the market and yesterday found a way to take care of about 25 of the remaining 49 shortprints. In doing so, I will be having some duplicates heading this way in a couple of days and will be happy to post them up for you if you need them. I am hoping you might have some duplicates and we can do the ol' switcheroo.

In following the theme of my top pitching phenoms yesterday, I received a nice Hernandez chrome in the package. These cards are just fantastic additions for player sets and this was a nice little addition to the trade.

Also included was a Dustin Pedroia Chrome. Okay, so while I Love Pedroia and the Sox, this card is pretty painful to look at. What is UP with the squinty eyes, dopey smile, and clean shaven face? I did a little research thinking that this is on of the "parallel" cards that match the same number and pose of it's 1960 counterpart, but here is that card...
Same card# 15 - CHECK
Same Team - CHECK
Same Position - CHECKAROONIE
Same Squint - ....Not so much....hmm. Well, nice shot Dustin!

In keeping with the Hernandez/Pedroia theme, here a a couple green-backed Goudey, including the mini Fernandez. I like the detail in these a whole lot, and wish I had jumped on this bandwagon earlier in the year. Maybe this will be a set for me to chase next year when prices drop on these. I hear the SP's are just as difficult to gather if not tougher, but the hits we pretty fun from the few retail packs of these I picked up.

This is an excellent little surprise added to the package. 1997 Bowman Heritage. I bought a few packs of these and was pretty blown away with the artwork. Its kinda hard to put a description on these cards, but its almost as if there is a little TOO much shadow detail. Not a bad thing, but these are definitely have a very distinctive look to them. This particular is a chrome refractor variety, which will go great next to the regular version that I was lucky enough to pull!
Also included in the package were several Becketts, Pedroia's, and a little love for Mikey Lowell.

Okay, now this card deserves a little extra attention. THIS Red Sox team is the one that the wheels absolutely fell off of in August of 2006. Let me run down the injuries that plagued my beloved Sox... (courtesy of sports)
On the roster but ailing:

LF Manny Ramirez -- Couldn't play yesterday because of contin-
ing right knee soreness

C Doug Mirabelli -- Jammed his left ankle during batting practice on Saturday

LHP Jon Lester -- Hurt back in recent fender-bender; won't make his start tonight (later, was diagnosed with Lymphoma).

RHP Keith Foulke -- Back woes kept him out of Saturday night's game

1B Kevin Youkilis -- Missed two games with stomach flu; back in lineup yesterday in left

RHP Josh Beckett -- Cut finger in last start but will try to take mound tomorrow night

OF Wily Mo Pena -- Injured his left wrist at the plate Friday night and has missed two games
2B Mark Loretta -- Was in lineup yesterday but dealing with sore right quadriceps

On the disabled list:
SS Alex Gonzalez -- Right oblique strain

RHP Tim Wakefield -- Stress fracture in rib cage

OF Trot Nixon -- Strained right biceps

RHP Matt Clement -- Right shoulder strain (If not mistaken, this was also the year that Clement took one to the head in Tampa).

LHP Lenny DiNardo -- Neck strain

C Jason Varitek -- Surgery on left knee

That last one is a biggie. Varitek is a huge part of this team and his ability to call a game and block pitches was never as evident as during the end of that season when Varitek was out, Mirabelli was hurt, and Javy Lopez came in and stunk it up. Most nights were unwatchable, and very rarely did I even recognize the players on the field. It was that bad.
A great card nonetheless though. I will put it right next to my Julian Tavarez and Willy Mo Pena!
Thanks Troll!

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