Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Redemption!

Yesterday afternoon I had the fortune of playing some decent poker with some buddies, and today, after feeling a little let down about my final box break of Chrome last night, decided to head down to cranky man's and pick up a few supplies as well as lay down some money for a couple guaranteed hits thats right, we are talking about the Sweet Spot.

As I write this, I am catching the finall innings of the Minn-Texas game, and am happy with what I am seeing (no offense to my new Ranger fans friends, but I have to keep my team's interests in mind)! Bases now loaded in the top of the 9th with only one out....oh Mr. Nathan.

So I indicated to the cranky man that I would like two boxes of Sweet Spot. I mentioned the other day that it is a sealed pack inside a shrink-wrapped box, so security is tight. As he held out the box I had a sudden flashback to Joe's blog about which packs to grab. I had a brand new box of 6 boxes looking me square in the eye. I knew the odds of an auto were 1:3, thus the relics 2:3. I hesitated, then grabbed the first two in the case.

Whoa! One felt clearly heavier than the other. Uh-oh? Either there is a cut baseball in one box or it is some elaborate security device of a 1/4 inch thick piece of cardboard. Cranky asked if I wanted to switch when I noticed how light the other one was. I thought about it a second, and decided that this would make a fun little experiment, and decided to keep the light box and the heavy box.

I started with the heavy box first. Just for giggles, I weighed each box and found that the heavy box was a full 2 ounces heavier than box #1. Very suspicious indeed. As I cracked open the box I noticed something that I did not expect...
This is a Sweet Spot Tin! INTERESTING...yet ANOTHER security device to throw off pack searchers. For a fleeting moment I thought "what if this time is here to protect the most valuable of valuable Sweet Spot hits?
More on that in a moment, but first here are the base hits from the Tin (minus a yankee stadium moment yada yada...

and here are the base for the second, lighter pack. Each of these cards are up for trade (minus the Jason Bay card, of course).

So how 'bout them hits? So did the heavy tin contain a long-long Babe Ruth Relic Auto? Nope, here is what is did contain...
A Jeremy Bonderman Sweet Swatch. I do have to say that the swatch is pretty nice looking, although I get less and less enchanted with the plain colored swatches.
So how about that light "uh-oh" pack that I was so worried about...
A VERY NICE Alexei Ramirez auto...and I do mean nice. He has a great signature, PLUS this is a rookie card to boot. Apparently this card is runner up only to Evan Longoria in the Sweet Spot set, so I feel very fortunate to make it an addition to my collection. Needless to say I will be cheering for Alexei and a very successful career!
Oh, and I have already traded one of those Damn Yankee autos as well, plus Minnesota just closed the book on Texas and the Red Sox pitching looked great this weekend, can things get any better? :)


  1. Those mini tins are sweet! You appear to be heading towards a slippery slope with this Sweet Spot packs, though! Can't blame ya, as I feel myself headed the same way. The cards are nice and getting a hit is money in the bank... In fact, I may just pick up a pack next time I head over to the card shop. I need a few supplies...

  2. nah, that wraps up my Sweet Spot addiction. Would not have gone in at all if not for poker winnings.