Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bring on Football!

Today had a decidedly different feel about it...

The first thing that happened was it poured rain, all night, and most of the morning. Poured. We had mid 80's all week and then suddenly it was pouring. It also did not get above 65 degrees all day today. What does that all equal? College football is back baby, yeah.

The first thing Stacy and I did today was take little Jacoby to his 9 month photo shoot at the mall. Jacoby was very well behaved, but this photo shoot took a bit more effort than the other because he is a bit than he was at his six-month shoot. As much as the photographer tried to keep Jacoby on the red dot, away he would crawl. We got some great shots of him and a football though (2.99 mini ball at Target...more on that in a minute) and even got a couple of him with me wearing my Seahawk blue.

The came the Oregon State football game. After taking absolute joy in watching the Duck debacle the other day, it was great to see the Rodgers boys (James and Jacquizz) dismantle Portland State. You may not hear a ton about Oregon State if you live East of the the Rockies. You probably hear mostly about Oregon (especially after Thursday night). Truth be told, WE never really hear about Oregon State either in this area. Which is why after six weeks (I am not kidding you) of people hyping up that Oregon game, it was very nice to see everybody get deflated like a popped balloon the next day. That was one UGLY game. Keep your ears peeled for the Rodgers boys this season.

But back to Target for a second. My wife and I needed to go to Target to pick up a football "prop" for Jacoby's photo shoot today. Of course I took advantage of this to check out the card selection at Target. I was all set to pick up a few packs of Goudey...which of course meant that they did not HAVE any Goudey. I was just about to give up the hunt when I found the $1.59 bin, and pulled out a few of these...

2 packs of 2008 Donruss Threads Rookie Class and one pack of 2008 Donruss Classic. Note that both of these feature Adrian Peterson on the foil, whoever the heck he is....(kidding). Well for a buck fiddy, why not give these a go, eh?

First the packs of Rookie Class...

I like the look of these cards and was actually pretty impressed despite the fact that they have a suspiciously UD "Cut and Paste" look about them. The names are all top-notch, but I am a little disappointed with the backs, as they only carry stats for the previous season, and don't really give an insight into the players themselves.

Shawn McDonald - Detroit Lions wideout.....nowhere to go but up, literally.

Thomas Jones- RB, New York Jets. Most definitely over the best years of his career, which was basically one season with the Bears.

Matt Leinart - Arizona Cards...Swami Mike says that Warner takes a tumble this year, and Leinart will be forced into action, and will finally make a name for himself in the NFL.

Josh Reed - I honestly don't even know if he is still a Bill or not, but especially with TO and Evans on the field. If he is still on the team, probably won't hear his name too much.

S-Jack - Oregon State alum that has been injury plagued and offensive line plagued. This year will probably be no different, but I would still take him on my fantasy team any day

Braylon Edwards - AWOL last year with hands of stone, but I sense a comeback year is at hand.

Ted Ginn Jr - Something about the Dolphin run last year seemed a bit too good to believe, and my guess is that this season will prove that to be true.

Bernard Berrian - Minnesota is just some weird vortex where I just don't follow their teams. Its not that the Twins and Vikings don't put a good product on the fields, they just don't cross my radar for some odd reason.

Chris Cooley - I REALLY don't follow the Skins.

Antonio Gates - I do love me some Super Chargers though! Gates is top-notch and due for a comeback season as well.

Hey wait, two packs of Rookie Threads and no rookies? Rip-off!

These are the Classics: These backs are a bit nicer on these, but still only include last years stats...

Joey Gallaway? Is he still playing?

Matt Leinart - See above, this is going to be a good year for Matt

Ronnie Brown - 1/3 of the Wild Cat madness that swept the league this year. I highly doubt Miami tries that little trick again, but Ronnie is the real deal and will get his this year.

Carson Palmer....Next

Laurence Maroney - AHA. How did I know that the Bane of my last two fantasy teams would show up? Maybe this year is the year, but with about 12 running backs working for Coach Bill, I doubt it.

No hits, but what do you expect for 1.59 a pack? I actually like the look of these cards though, especially the classics, and am curious to check out blowout cards to see what they have available.

Back to baseball tomorrow, as I also made some Target baseball purchases to share from the bargain bin!

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