Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Three Amigos

As disjointed as yesterday was, today is coming together just fine.

1) Call of Duty - Made up some good ground after a horrific evening of having my butt handed to me by 14 caffeinated 14 year olds. I have a theory that every year extra of your life adds an additional .10 seconds to your gun-draw reaction time. That is about 3 times slower than the time that any of these kids need to pop you first. They must have all been studying this morning.

2. Ribs are smoking. I have a Traeger cooker and got inspired to do an all-day rib smoke. Going to eat well tonight.

3. Fantasy Baseball team - Looking more and more likely like my band of idiots will be competing for the trophy next week.

4. Fantasy football. I have Drew Brees and Chris Johnson. Life is good!

5. And last but certainly not least. SWEEP! The red sox phenoms went 1-2-3 over the weekend. Of the three, Buchholz pitched the best, but the Red Sox bats found a way to help out Lester, and Dice-K once again looks to be a pivotal piece in a deep playoff run. Way to go Sox. Keep on truckin!

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