Thursday, September 24, 2009

I received a package from Chris at Budget Baseball Cardboarding.

Chris and I have aligned lately in our collection needs, no we have been mailing across the country quite a bit. While having an interest in certain players, Chris also is turning into a set collector like myself, so this works out really well when it comes to helping each other finish out sets.

For this particular trade, I sent out a stash of 2009 Topps Chrome duplicates for a handful of phenom cards. Normally when people offer up phenoms, I already have many of them, but in this instance I needed each and every one!

Felix Hernandez - 2008 Topps Chrome and Base had a different photo apparently. Depending on pricing, I may get a wild hair and try to collect this set prior to the 2010 flagship set in a few months. Chris also included a couple of Upper Deck Felix' with this group. Future Cy Young? I still look at the numbers and have trouble believing it, but it's a funny world and anything is possible.

If you can say anything about Lincecum, all of his cards are highly entertaining due to his dramatic pitching motion. His cards are quickly becoming some of my favorite and thse are two fantastic additions to the phenom wing.

Yo! Hey Brewers, thanks for shutting Yovani down during the championship week of my Fantasy season.

This gives me an excellent opportunity to sneak in a quick Phenom Report: Clay Buccholz into this post (kill two birds).
Once again, my favorite Red Sox Work In Progress took to the mound against the hapless Kansas City Royals, and once again he looked golden as he has now allowed only 2 ER in his last 26 2/3 innings. The magic number falls to three and all systems appear to be go for a run at the Fall Classic.
Atta boy, Buch!

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