Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodwin Rip #3 and #4

Now that the milestone ballyhoo is out of the way, it is time to rip a couple more packs of scrambled Goodwin!

Carlos Quentin. My first blue, fluffy cloud hit of the night...
Clayton Richard...hmm...I have been staring at his career stats for a couple minutes now and trying to figure out exactly what makes him a Goodwin Champion. The back of his card says that he threw six scoreless innings against Seattle last year, which with last years team, that was certainly no large feat.

Albert Pujols Retrospective garbage...I will at least say this though. At least I am getting GOOD retrospective cards...none of that Y2k garbage. Of course, pulling Prince Charles yesterday was nothing to write home about, but the Boggs was classy.
Yogi! My first classic player card. Apparently UD forgot to get his signature on this card, I will have to write them about that.

Surfer Brah Mini! I like the mini cards in this set for some reason. And surfer legend just looks happy. My wife and I go to Maui occasionally and there is a dude that owns a shaved ice stand. He gets there in the morning and sells snowcones. When the ice sells out, he shuts down shop and goes surfing the rest of the day. Best...Job...Ever.

A couple of Mets. i am unsure what Mr. Met is doing on the front of this card, but it still looks nice none-the-less. Sheffield is a jerk though!

Tulo, most likely a comeback player of the year.
Chase Utley 3-time silver slugger. Got some hardware to go with it too.

and completely a cloud-themed pack is the rags-to-riches-to-rags Josh Hamilton. Again, a very nice looking mini card.
Having a blast! More tomorrow!


  1. Clayton Richard got Jake Peavy out of San Diego. 'Nuff said.