Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 Phenom Inductees

Due to their success this season...but mostly due to the fact that I have cleared out some binder sheets...I am happy to announce this year's inductees into JD's Phenom Binder! Please keep these players in mind when we are working out various trades. I currently have very few cards of these guys, so any additions would be much appreciated!
Matt Cain. Takes second banana to Tim Lincecum, but it very quietly making a name for himself in SF.

Zach Grienke. I still think he looks like a 14 year old in an oversized ballcap, but he certainly does not pitch like one. It's time to give the man his due, even if he in marooned in KC.

Hamels did not have that spectacular a year, but he is still a massive talent in the league and the few Hamels cards that I have seen are pretty nice, so I would definitely like to add some more of him to my collection.

Dan Haren. This is a pretty obvious one, and I have been quietly setting his cards aside, but have just recently made room in the binder.

Max Scherzer - I think the jury is still out on Mad Max, but I think I would like to store up a few of his cards just in case. I find it pretty painful to follow the NL West, so I really don't know how he has done this year, but maybe a diamond in the rough.

Congratulations to this year's inductees! More to come as binder space allows :)


  1. Where is Porcello? 2009 AL Rookie of the year?

  2. I think the only Porcello I have is in my 2009 flagship set. Must be a tough pull.