Monday, September 21, 2009

Heritage Short Prints in the Box!

Late last week I decided to hit up the Bay and continue my pursuit of Heritage Short Prints. This project was conceived in the middle of the summer and started with one blaster and a reach out to the blogosphere to help me complete this set. I am now six cards closer....

Your Cleveland Indian and Pittsburgh Pirates floating head coaches.
A couple quality infielders in Derek Jeter (yeah yeah, even I can give a Yankee compliment from time to time) and Little Pony Dustin Pedroia, minus the squinty eyes and goofy smile.
I also got a couple Holliday/Halladays.
Almost there!


  1. Going the ebay route is cheating, unless you get enough cards to help out your fellow bloggers! Glad you are getting closer though. I am averaging one card a week towards this set. I still need 46 more.

  2. dude, I posted extra short prints like two weeks ago!

  3. Hey man - got your comment about the Felix card - just email me your address (stephenbrown1980 @ and I will get him out to you - no need to send anything back if you dont want - im not too worried about it!