Saturday, September 19, 2009

Plans Gone Wild!

Some days start out with the best intentions, but then just end up going nowhere.

Here was the plan for the day. First, everybody sleep in. I told Jacoby to sleep until the sun came up. Well he took it literally because at 6:45 there we was babbling into the monitor announcing the start to everybody's day.

We all decided that we would have a nice breakfast and then head down to Oktoberfest. I have never been to one before and Stacy was excited to take Jacoby and me to our first.

Unfortunately as we started to get ready, the skies opened up and it started pouring outside. Then Jacoby decided he needed a nap. Normally he only sleeps for about 30-45 minutes in the morning, so we laid him down. The kid decided to sleep for an unheard of 3 1/2 hours.

One we finally got out the door I needed to go to the post office and mail a few packs of cards out. I got to the automatic labeling machine only to see somebody in front of me that had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Don't get me wrong. I have never used the machine either until today, but these ladies REALLY did not know what they were doing. Its like being in line with at the store with the person who cant seem to figure out the debit swipe machine.

So eventually I got my packages out to Chris, Charley, and some eBay dude.

I headed back out to the car and once we all buckled up, Stacy turned the key and...nothing. Car was completely dead. I got out of the car and started seeking out somebody that would give us a jump. This is incredibly difficult to do these days. Nobody in the world trusts anybody else and people almost look right through you rather than try to help out.

Luckily within a few minutes we had a helper with some cables. She pulled up her car along side and I hooked up the cables. Immediately I had a flashback to Troll's story about jumping his car and starting the other cars battery on fire.

I stood back a little bit.

Success! The engine fired up and we thanked our heroes, jumped back in the car and were on our way! Stacy was nervous about the battery dying again, so we decided to stop off at Les Schwab (tire and battery store) to have them check it out. Along the way we crossed over I-5 (the road that would take us to Oktoberfest) and it was stand-still traffic.

Did I forget to mention that both the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers had games today and EVERYBODY was on the Interstate? Ugg.

We got the battery checked out. It was pretty comical. The guy came up to us and said that the battery checked out "bad". No beating around the bush on this one. It had been in her caught since she bought it. It was old, it was bad.

Around 15 minutes into getting the battery switched out, Stacy got a phone call from her friend at Oktoberfest. It was pouring down rain big time.

Too many signs. We were not meant to eat Ruebens, not meant to east sausages and sourkrout. No german chocolate cake for us.

So we spent our Oktoberfest at Olive Garden. I ordered the bottomless pasta and over course only got through the first dish because they serve you with plenty of salad and bread prior to receiving your main dish. I was wise though and ordered a second helping and a to-go box. Lunch for football tomorrow.

We then headed to Target and got some baby food and a few other things. Of course I needed to stop off at the cheap cards corner and see what I could find. Pickings are getting slim, as football packs have started to dominate the shelves. I decided to pick out 5 packs of retail Icons.

These are not bad cards, in fact for Upper Deck cut-and-pastes they actually seem to work because of the nice color schemes. I rarely scan the backs of the cards, but they look nice as well, and Upper Deck has chosen...well, Icons to fill out the set. Of course I am not looking for a set of these, but thought this would be a good chance to grab some Red Sox and a few Phenoms. I got some of each.

For lack of a better idea how to display all of my cards, I went with color coding...

The Red: I am happy to add a Pedroia, and a Dan Haren to my binders.

The Blue
Bunch o Yankees, etc...
The Teal:

Felix heading to the binder!
The Orange:

The Green:

The Wood:

and the King:

Nice little bunch of cards, complete with a few phenoms and ONE Sox. If anything interests you, give a shout!

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