Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome Back, Kapler

I found it. To my dismay I contacted Joe at Priceless Pursuit with the unfortunate news that a gift he had sent me had gone missing in my stacks. Well tonight it reappeared like magic! Below is a TTM of former Red Sox Gabe Kapler. Kapler was always a dependable staple to the team...if dependable means available about 1-2 months of the season! Everybody in Boston loved him though, and when Kapler was able to patrol right field he was pretty solid.
I know that TTM's can get a little bananas, but this one really outdoes itself with it's scribbles. Apparently Gabe had somewhere to be that day! I can make out the double-looped G though, and that is good enough for me! Thanks Joe, for my first "Non Wong" (all rights reserved) TTM.


  1. I've known Gabe for a while... That is a really nice sig for him. I've watched him sign at appearances with no line and every graph is a crazed scribble... Dude can hit though! Especially when he was with the Rangers... Very nice card!

  2. Thats a bit more scribbled than the one I have... while mine is still illegible, it's more of a big G and a big K with lines in between.

    I'm always stunned when I get a TTM back where I can actually read the player's name.

  3. Also, note the stadium in the background...muah ha ha...