Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet Spot Pack Rip #1

Alright, so here is the first of three pack rips. Remember that I grabbed packs 2-4 of the box an am expecting one auto and two relics. Lets see how things go...

I want to start by saying that while the hit cards are the obvious attraction to this series, the base cards are pretty slick. Sweet Spot has glommed on to the biggest names of the game, with quality photos and even the backs have a nice design to them. So when looking for individual players, these are a nice addition to the collection.

Future HOF Tom Glavine
Adam Dunn

Borderline Phenom Dan Haren. I really don't pay that much attention to the NL West, although I have to say that the division has made huge strides this year in improvement, so maybe by next season they will no longer be considered the bottom-tier division of the league.

Balderdash, a stupid redemption card! This represents the auto hit that I was hoping for, although currently in a cheap, gray, text form. Eventually it is going to turn into this...

Eider Torres of YOUR Baltimore Orioles. Red Sox Fodder. Cool Signature though. Dig it.

Next we have BJ Upton and Michael Young.

And finally pitching phenom Felix Hernandez (will make a nice fit for my collection) and the always reliable and never appreciated Yankee Stadium Legacy blah blah the Juicer wins card. How many of these cards did they make? These are almost as ridiculous as the thousands of 20th anniversary retrospective cards that I will be pulling next week.
Stay tuned to see how packs 2 and 3 shake down!


  1. Yeah, sure thing. Wish you had contacted me a couple hours earlier and it would have gone out with the chrome I just sent you!

    Send me an email and we can figure something out!