Friday, August 28, 2009

Your Input Needed!

A couple of kinks have been thrown into my plans for this fall. I had originally intended to purchase and finish up Topps Chrome, which I will and have really enjoyed the cards and the hits.

My next goal was to save up for 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights coming out later this fall. I planned on tackling that set as well as once again setting my sights on collecting the 50 Turkey Reds to make sure that I once again have the complete set.

But a slight kink in that plan occured with my sudden liking towards the upcoming UD Goodwin Champion set. Its priced really decent and the artwork on the cards looks really nice. The base set seems obtainable and there are also three hits per box, which is also a nice feature.

I really only need to be working on one of these. I have a trip planned at the end of the year and need to save some scratch for that.

So I ask the readers...which should I do and why?

a couple additional points. While I like the looks of the autos and hits in Updates and Highlights, really the only main insert draw for me is the Turkey Reds. Am I mistaken, or do sellers usually offer a way to purchase the entire set?

Even one OTHER option, is to try to collect the base set of Updates and Highlights via trades and some retail booster packs.

Thoughts on a course of action? Thanks for your feedback!


  1. If the Goodwin Champions cards are as nice as they've appeared, my guess is many in the blogosphere will be collecting 'em (myself included) which will make trading easier... Plus, my guess is that it'll be easier to simply purchase a complete update & highlight base set than it will the Goodwin set thanks to the short prints.

  2. Go for Goodwin Champions, it's something a bit different and you'll get more hits. Worst case, Topps Chrome and the Updates & Highlights boxes will be priced cheaper down the road, so you can collate them at a somewhat discounted price... or just buy the Turkey Red set already completed, I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere at some point.

    I don't feel bad for your having to make a decision like this - I deal with it every freakin' time I visit Dave & Adams or Blowout Cards...

  3. Go for Goodwins and trade me the Rays that you pull for the Turkeys I yank from the Topps set...

  4. yeah, I swear right before product releases, I see full sets of inserts available on eBay. I dont know whether the company releases complete sets for seperate sale or what, but the TR's are just about all I really gotta have all of.

  5. I'd stick to the baseball product, unless you are pumped about pulling butterflies and bugs as your relics.

  6. Go for both, you only live once..... Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Spend money, live for today be good to others!

  7. Go with Goodwin, Highlights will be easy to put together without breaking any boxes.