Monday, August 24, 2009

A stroll to the post office

Today I had a few packages that I needed to get out into the mail. I have learned a valuable lesson over the last couple of weeks regarding shipping. All of my packages were running over 2.00 apiece while everything I have received has been between 1 to 2 bucks each. What gave?(past tense for what gives?) WELL, turns out the UPS store does quite a sizable markup on their letter weighing, so all the while I thought I was being smart and not wasting extra stamps on "in-between" postage, I was actually spending a bit more (or at least the same) to walk up the street and send it from the UPS Store. Conclusion? UPS Store BAD!

So I decided to take advantage of a nice Portland afternoon and stroll the 8+ blocks uphill to the Downtown Portland USPS secretly hidden in the courthouse building. I don't normally head up that direction (who wants to walk uphill), but the weather around here is just about perfect today so I thought "what the heck". Here are a few of the notable landmarks I saw...

Some HUGE statue of a person holding a trident. This thing is massive and really the best way to put it into perspective is to look at the green building that it sits atop. Those are full-sized skyscraper windows. As I walked under this bohemoth, I could not help but picture the scene from "Ghostbusters" where the gargoyles bust of of cement and wreak havoc on the city. If the trident statue ever hits pavement, God help us all!

A couple blocks further down we have the Peeing Elk. Look closer, There is a stream of water coming out from underneath the elk. It is just another strange sight of the city. The good ol peeing elk.

I made it up to the post office and am happy to report that each of my three parcels came in under 2 bucks for the first time in weeks. I also took advantage of a real post office to snag these... Cool beans! I have grown tired of those "forever" bells, so if you want to strike up a trade, you get a Simpson stamp to boot. Oh and I also got $1.50 in 3-cent stamps to help deal with odd-postages, so be prepared for lots of stamps on your letter. If you have a specific Simpson you want to see, let me know (subject to availability...DOH!)

Of course Portland is known to be a little off-kilter in the fashion department. You truly don't know what you will see from day-to-day in the city, who will be talking to themselves, who will offer you drugs, so on and so coming back from the post office I saw a hmm....not entirely fetching woman wearing a skirt with Uggs. Now this is one heckuva look and I give her credit for even attempting to pull it off, BUT she definitely was not....

....Isla Fisher....nor for that matter.....

...Carrie Fisher.
Keep it weird, Portland!


  1. I saw some random Portland donut shop featured on the Food Network (or Travel, or something like that)... they had all sorts of weird donuts and did weddings too. Very bizarre.

  2. voodoo donuts. A box got brought into the office one day that had captain crunch, coco puff, lucky charm, and other odd varieties. Also was a featured clue stop on "The Amazing Race" which ended in Portlands Rose Garden a couple seasons back.

  3. I am sorry you feel that The UPS Store's surcharge of $2.00 - $150 = 50 cents( for standing in the post office line, traveling 8 blocks, etc ) does not offer any value to you. I only hope the 8 block walk during one of the 151 ( on average ) days of rain does not bother you. The UPS stores are there as a convenience for postal services, not as a compeditor. They also offer a less costly alternative (in many cases)to postal services for larger and weightier packages.

  4. Eight blocks, thats not bad..... I live in the boonies and it is 18 miles to the closest Post Office. I wish I could live in the country with the big city in my back yard.

  5. I just got the cards from our trade today, so I can only assume mine was one of the packages you sent on your trek. I wrote a post about it tonight. I'm disappointed we didn't get any Simpson stamps, but I'll let it slide since you threw in some bonus cards. Woo Hoo! Thanks, again!

  6. Very cool, I am glad you are happy with the trade. Part of the fun is surprising people. Thanks for reading the blog!