Thursday, August 27, 2009

O Tommy Boy!

Subscribing to the MLB Extra Innings package has its definite advantages. It helps a West-Coaster catch a few innings of practically every Red Sox game (last night, yet another example of mashing bats, but no pitching as Dice-K light had already given up 8 runs by the time I turned the game on. The bright side? The only gave up one run the rest of the way).

Its also nice to have other games at my disposal when great matchups pop up, and tonight is one of those great matchups as rivals Philadelphia and Atlanta square off in Philly. Petey Martinez V Tommy "the machine gun" Hanson. I don't like the expression "man-crush" as made popular on fantasy sports sites. But I love collecting phenom pitchers though because each and every time they take the mound you find yourself rooting for them. Tommy pretty much tops the heap right now, Yovani is #2, and TIMMY is right there leading an inspiring Giants it just me or is San Francisco suddenly a lot easier to cheer for without the grumpy roider on the team?

Anyways, Tommy Hanson sports an amazing 3-1 and 2.70 ERA on the road and will definitely have his hands full with a stacked lineup. But the dude is poised and ready for battle. If you have the means, I highly recommend you tune in to this matchup tonight.

In other developments, I received a package in the email from my latest eBay purchase. Another five cards come off my list for the SP Legendary cuts short prints. I know that I made a big mistake when it came to even breathing this product. But the hits were nice and I loved the look of the base cards and shortprints, so I spent way too much money on this product. Well I now have all the base and thanks to these next five cards, I have 60% of the short prints. Believe me, there is always the occasional thought of just selling the whole lot and cutting my losses, but I know if I can just chip away at this baby, it is going to make for a really nice permanent collection. If ANYBODY has some shortprints for trade, please let me know. Here are the latest additions... Rod Carew. Career .328 hitter and 18-time all-star

Mike Schmidt - 548 Career home runs, 10 gold gloves, 12-time all-star, 1980 World Series MVP, 3-time NL MVP, Inducted into the HOF in 1995, WOW, AND has a Nike World Campus Building in his name!

Brooks Robinson - HOF in 1983, 15-time all-star, 16-time gold glove award winner, 1070 World Series MVP. Money.

Sigh. Always with the Yankees...Donnie Baseball - Showed good glove, batted for a high average, but never got that ring. I think he is one heckuva batting coach though, and it shows currently with the Dodgers.

Goose Gossage! an extremely respectable career 3.01 ERA with 124 wins and 310 saves. Also apparently still sports 'stache, which is also very commendable and respectable as well!
These cards really are great, and I will continue to trudge forward and complete this set, and difficult a task as that has been!

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