Thursday, August 27, 2009

Speaking of Much Desired Cards...

This week, a surprising card that I have been looking for forever turned up in a very unlikely fashion, and I am happy to say that after spotting this card on our local neighborhood trader Beardy's blog, President Barack Obama SP has found a new home out here in Oregon!
How did I find the card that I had been hoping to pull when I first started out with Topps Flagship several months ago? Beardy had posted a bunch of images from his random packs sent by my vote for most generous blogger on the planet, David at Tribecards, and within one of those random packs sat Obama. I quickly emailed Greg to verify that this was the SP from flagship, and sure enough it was! I think Greg was a bit amused how excited I was for wanting this card...that is until he posted about wanting a butterfly card the next day (kidding)! I am honored to have this as part of my permanent collection, and thank you Greg for making it happen!

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