Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Spot Scans

So the temporary babysitter (Mom) is out to the store, the wife is in traffic coming home, and little JD is out cold for the moment, giving me the great opportunity to share with you my sweet spot packs scans! Yeah, thats right, I said two boxes. Could not help myself. One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the movie "Contact"

S.R Hadden said "First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price? So there you have it.

umm...whoops, kinda forgot to flip this image and too lazy to rescan. We got Scott Rolen, Andrew Jones, Aaron Rowand now sliding UPHILL and of course an upside down Justin Verlander!

Pena, Pedroia, umm, Pedroia and Martinez!

Lee, Big Unit, Jim Thome, Miggy, and Mr Joe Blanton

There was also a hit and two other cards that shall remain nameless at this time as they are headed south to Joe for no other reason that they by no means belong in my collection. Enjoy the sweetness Joe!

All of these other cards minus the Pedroia (one of them) and Victor Martinez are up for grabs if you would like. Just let me know!

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