Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ugg, The Results of My Final Chrome Break

Well folks, its all over for Chrome breaks for this year. I knocked off a whopping four cards from my set needs list and ended up with a big ol' pile of duplicates for your trading pleasure. Just was not the right collated box, but that is the chance you take when you get too many hobby boxes. Sooo, I know I talked with a couple of you last week that had some Chrome base available for trade. Can you please check out my updated needs list and see if you can help me finish this set up? I have lots of base and lots of rainbowy refractors at your disposal!

Hey, at least I get two rookie autos in this pack, right? Lets see who I pulled .....

OH NO! A couple Yankee Rooks? YIKES! I don't like the look of that second bloke either, seems to be giving me the shifty eyes! I would be wiling to do a Yankee auto for other auto exhange if anybody really takes a shine to these cards! The shifty looking fellow is a refractor as well.
Here are the notables of the Refractor hits, if you want to call them that. The Carlos Quentin shot is pretty sweet, but the wrong color Sox for this collection. The Gold Border #'rd to 50 is a nice addition if you are into the Padres. Just let me know if these are of interest to you!
Other regular refractors pulled: Jered Weaver, Dan Uggla, Matt Kemp, Jay Bruce, Ken Griffey Jr, Dennis Neuman WBC, Bobby Parnell, David Freese.
WBC cards: Six, but I am too tired to type their names, and I have already offered to trade all of these away to a reader anyways.
There you have it! Hoping that I can take care of business and put this set to bed before Goodwin Champs comes out in a couple of weeks. Please contact me if anything mentioned here sounds good!


  1. Hey man is the Melancon for trade?

  2. Sure thing Drew, just shoot me an email and we can talk about it!

  3. Ha, even a Yanks fan (Drew) doesn't want the Pena. I'm not sure why, as a shortstop in the Yanks organization he's only got some schmuck named Jeter in front of him...

    They could always just move him to third, I guess... wait, no, they're covered there. Second? Nnnnnope. Talk about wrong place at the wrong time for Pena.

  4. I think the term Yankee Rookie is an oxymoron.