Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have You Seen These Two Cards?

This week I received a "Pick 25" of 2009 Heritage cards in an effort to finish off this amazing set (minus the ridiculous SP's that is...) so I went and entered them into my spreadsheet and found...what's this? I am still to base cards shy of completion. Have any of you seen...

Please let me know if you might either of these to send my direction! Also please take a look at my updated need list on the right column of the blog...yeah there are a bunch of short prints left, but I have some chrome and refractors that I would love to send you in trade if you can help me out! Going to crack the box now...more later!


  1. Remember that stackof Heritage I never did quite get around to sending you???? In it was the Torre. I'll mail it with the Cabrerra and Kinder.

  2. Oh hey! You are a wanted man. You won the ginter contest on Card Cache and need to select your prize. Also, please hold off on the Kinder, I am going to screw down the one I got on ebay! I definitely need torre and the pitch helmet man though!