Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ebay Treasures/Mail Call/ and Complete Sets!

I am going to cover a lot of bases here with this post. Jacoby is going to visit with his Great-Grandfather today and I have few precious minutes to tend to my blogging addiction.

I want to start with some mail packages received over the last couple of days that turned out to be rather significant!

First off came a package Beardy who was more than willing to help me tackle my 2009 Heritage project with 20 base cards! In return the bearded one is going to be receiving a snazzy blue Nick Markakis refractor from this years 2009 Topps Chrome. I say will be receiving because it has not gone out yet as I am gathering up some other random O's to go with it. Out Monday. Thanks Greg!

The second package comes from new trading partner, The Collective Troll, who surprised me with an offer for this fine Lincecum relic as well as a Face of the Franchise O-Suck-E card...
Even better were the couple of Ginter cards towards completing my set...this because more signicant in a second...

The final package comes from Matt. Matt contacted me via email (Matt if you have a blog, let me know and I will update this post!) with a trade offer for a few Ginter cards...

The significance of this tri-fecta equals one important fact: ALLEN AND GINTER SET IS COMPLETE! Wow, that was an incredibly tedious task. I had no idea it would take so long to gather 350 cards together, but we did it and this make my second complete set since starting the hobby (minus the Turkey Red Hunt, which very soon is going to become incomplete once again!).

Also of importance in the package was one SP for 2009 Heritage. Every little piece counts. I have a couple up for grabs if we can do an exchange across the board!

Finally, I wanted to show off my latest eBay treasure.

I know that sticker autos are not the most desirable cards on earth, BUT I have to say that this card is exceptional looking. I had an Eddie Kunz that I pulled from Topps a couple months ago that I hung onto forever simply because I thought the blue background really made the card look classy. This one Topps that card in almost every regard. This is a very classy shot of Jon Lester, whom is one of my baseball heroes. The uniform against the blue background and the subtle name at the bottom really pops, and quite frankly, I think that the silver sticker actually ADDS to the cards character. I love it and I had to have it. Mine for $15.50, maybe a bit high, but if you want something, go get it! Have a great day and GO SOX!


  1. Great read. I am also a fan of the 2009 Allen & Ginter set. Good Luck on completing the set.

  2. Thanks Dean. The Heritage SP's are going to be a bear, but well worth it if I can get another cardboard box out of the living room!