Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Quad-Swatch Contest!

UPDATE: Contest is OVER before it really began. SpastikMoose jumped on the Sweet Spot Checklist and nailed it immediately. Well, hu-rah for the powers of the Internet! Spastik, be sure to email me with your mailing info as well as the team you follow. My company is currently blocking yahoo mail for some reason, so I will need to check tonight and will send your prize out to you immediately! Nice work! Well, over the weekend, Jacoby and I dropped into the ol hobby shop (the new ol hobby shop) and purchased some supplies as well at the inevitable few boxes of the Sweet Spot. I have had TERRIBLE luck with this product and am absolutely obsessed with finally pulling a sweet spot out a box. Each time I have picked, there has been a new box, so in essence I have had a 50% chance of finally breaking the curse.

I'll let you off the hook...I broke the curse....but that is tomorrow's post.

Today, let's have a little fun. Out of the second box I opened, I pulled my first ever Sweet Spot quad swatch. Over the last year of posting you have learned of my increased dislike of the fabulous fabric, so today, my trash is your treasure....but you gotta earn it, and it ain't gunna be easy.

Here is the deal. In order to win the Swatch, you will need to guess all four players on the card. Use any means necessary to do so, there are no rules. About every half-hour or so, I will update this post with a new clue to help you along the way. The winner will not only receive the Quad swatch, but also the swatch I pulled from the first pack as well as any assortment of cards that I have that can help you with your collection needs? Worth playing for? (Enter a Jeff Probst joke here).

To win, post your response in the comments section.

On to the clues!

1. These four players are all current players
2. These four players are all on separate teams
3. Three of the players are American born, one is Dominican.


  1. Hanley Ramirez / Derek Jeter / Michael Young / Jimmy Rollins!

  2. I'm guessing Hamels/Lincecum/Reyes/Jones.

  3. Spastik must be searching the same place I am for quad swatches, because that was going to be my guess. Anyhow... instead I'll guess Griffey/Jeter/Hamilton/Pujols.

    You're such a loser for not liking relics. I've bought three packs of Sweet Spot this year and have pulled all autographs - the 1/1 Upton, a Billingsley sweet spot auto, and a Cahill sweet beginnings low number parallel. After the junk I ended up with Friday, I should've just stuck to sweet spot, taken my (probable) one relic, and been happy with it.

  4. I'll guess Griffey Jr/Jeter/Hamilton/Pujols

  5. Dang. If Joe and I are correct, I'm too late.

  6. Email sent - sorry for ending it all so soon, I guessed after using wikipedia+ebay hahaha

  7. That ended faster than the 09 Allen & Ginter code break contest. Hopefully Spastik gets his prize faster, too. ZING! Ha, ebay was my source as well. Well done.

  8. Man, now I have to come up with another post for today! On the plus side I get to get rid of some dead-weight card! ZING!