Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Probably One of the Top Yankee Prospects"

I received a nice little envelope from The Priceless Pursuit the other day. Joe, like myself, has been busy cleaning up piles, organizing, trading, and sending packages in a effort to make room for the pending 2010 product season. I was excited to rip open this nice package of unexpected treasure. Let's take a little look.

Tommy Hanson Turkey Red! Cross one more off of my TR needs list. I still have twenty or so to go, so if you can help me close the books on this set before the new TR's make life all confusing...please let me know. As for Hanson, I have become obsessed with finding "the" guy that is going to reach for the record books some days. While I know that Cy Young will never be beat, I would love to see somebody aim for Walter Johnson, or at the very least pitch 400 wins. I would like to see that in my lifetime. Tommy Hanson is definitely off on the right foot, along with TIMMY! We'll see how 2010 turns out.

Here are four very unique and different Red Sox. I really love the look of the 2003 Bowman Heritage and wish I was collecting back then. I am not as high on the propoganda cards as everybody else, but still nice to have a Little Pony in the set.

The next card caught my attention...

A nice, thick piece of Upper Deck dummy cardboard (most likely named that because we all drop stupid amounts of money on Upper Deck products for a lousy return). This made me curious. Joe never goes TOO far out of his way to protect cards, unless they are truly exceptional. Immediately I had visions of a nice relic auto, or....COULD IT BE A LINCECUM AUTO? My heart skips a beat as I pull back the cardboard and see...

This. And if you ever wanted to read a description of Ricky Ledee, you have six opportunities below, and no, the six cards are not from the nine above. The are separate.....

Thus, long story short, I got bipped. Not only bipped, but YANKEE bipped by 15 Ricky Ledee prospect cards. Yikes. Bipping has gotten totally out of hand lately, as people have found creative ways to dispose of their junk wax. I am not a poor sport though, and I figured I would do a little research on Ricky to see what he is up to these days...

Alright, so this may or may not really be Ricky Ledee running a hot dog stand...but I think that the resemblence is uncanny.
Joe, you son of a bip! Now the battle is personal.
For those of you who tuned it last weekend, Joe and I released a little teaser of an upcoming grudge match between Mr Yankee and Mr Red Sox. The big just rubs more salt in the wounds. Tune in this Wednesday for the the big news!

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