Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jacoby's Treasure Chest

It's Friday again, and that means that it is time to dip into the ol' treasure chest of CEO and super-son JD to see what kind of random goodness the secret vault will put on display this week. I was honored that JD himself pointed out one card that he wanted to see in this weeks post. We'll start with his pick...

Chad Billingsley 2009 Sweet Spot auto....After miserably failing in many packs (seriously, look back through some November posts and it is well documented my complete failure to pull anything but a relic and a lousy Yankees auto) I just decided to head to the 'Bay and FIND myself a Sweet Spot auto. I always try to hunt down the auctions that go mostly unnoticed, and this Billingsley slipped under the radar and was purchased for a more than reasonable price. The Dodgers have a really interesting young staff, much like my favorite staff in baseball, the Cincinnati Reds, and you never know who is going to be the bust out phenom of the bunch. I'll wager on Billingsley...until I can get myself a Kershaw auto!

Throughout my many trips to the card shop that ended in Sweet Spot anguish...I DID happen to strike gold with the one loose pack of cosigners that I snagged on a whim. This card represented my first dual-auto (until most recently with the on-card hand-numbered from Heritage High Numbers. This card is fantastic in that has a theme (same team) has two superstar players, and a very nice feature, the sticker autos are cut into the card itself, a cut-auto of sorts. Sorry about the piece of tape across Roberts face, it seems this card is a smidge thicker than most auto cards and my regular top loaders don't fit, so it is still in the original.

We close the chest today with yet another phenom auto card of Ricky Romero. I am particularly fond of the for the fact that it is a pre-rookie card (it was produced in 2006, while there are STILL Ricky Romero 2009 Rookie cards in many products out there). Ricky had a major breakthrough last season and I expect big things from him now that he is not in Halladay's shadow. He is definitely high up on the phenom radar for me this season. This card was the result of a grueling three-trader-trade that included many summits, late-night negotiations, and one Sweet Spot D-train. This card is in immaculate shape and is well protected.
That's it for this week. Tune in next Friday for more random treasure!

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