Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Curse Is Broken!

Well, thanks in part to a spastic, furry, horned mammal, tomorrow's curse breaking post is now moving up to today! Congrats to Spastic Moose. I immediately realized the flaws to my system. I immediately assumed that Sweet Spot was going to be as crazy-over-the-top with their relics as Ballpark. I figured that the possibilities would be endless.


Turns out that there were only eight quad-relics included in Sweet Spot and my third clue immediately narrowed it down to one. I get a nice little slap on the wrist for not doing my research first. You relic hunters iz crazy man...CRAZY!

But, on the positive side, the quick solution allows my readers to become beneficiaries of my post originally scheduled for tomorrow....TODAY! Aren't you lucky?

So going back to the original story, JD and I hopped into the car on a dreary, wet Sunday afternoon, armed with the knowledge that order was restored to the galaxy as Dallas was eliminated from the playoffs. Luck was one our side, so I figured it was time to head to the ol' (new) cardshop and roll the dice on some Sweet Spot.

A short history will reveal that I have had TERRIBLE luck with this fact I believe I wrote a rather scathing post sometime in November or December after I bought 4 packs out of six...and ended up with four relics. It was either that or three relics and a Yankee rookie auto, which is just as good as getting kicked in the Jimmy.

But like sitting at a blackjack table, or throwing the extra 20 bones into video poker, I knew that my luck had to turn around at some point. So once again I gave myself a mathematical 50% chance of snagging a sweet spot by purchasing half of an unopened box. I chose the front pack, and the last two packs. Don't ask me which the hit came in because they got all rattled around in the shopping bag anyways. But the ORDER I opened them was this...

Pack #1 - Relic - Can't even remember who and don't really care, as it is going to spastic moose anyways!

Pack #2 - The quad relic of the incredibly short-lived contest this morning.

Pack #3 - I knew I had the hit immediately when I noticed that the cardboard of the normally "dummy" piece was white and not grey. I paused for an incredibly long time and savored the moment and mulled over the possibilities. I have heard great stories of the sweet spot hits coming from this store, including a Michael Jordan auto.

Slowly I slid away the first few base cards and hit this...

A YaMo 24/30 auto glove! I am not super-thrilled about the player pull, but this is my first on-glove auto, and is the lowest-numbered Sweet Spot I have pulled next to my Halladay patch to 25.

I don't even know what I intend to do with this one yet. I know that it is a great candidate for Jacoby's treasure chest, but I also feel like there are some great Cards fans out there who would like it as well, so I am open to offers.

The great news is that the curse is over. I can happily ignore this product from here on out and know that I finally pulled a sweet spot, but even better a "non-Yankee" Sweet Spot. Hurray!

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