Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turkey Night

Today I had a couple packages waiting for me from a couple of fellow bloggers. These packages were significant in that they took a large chunk out of my Turkey Red 2009 Hunt. I am now down to 43 Turkeys remaining! If you are able to help me with this quest, please email me and we can work out some trades. I have a new book of stamps burning a hole in my wallet, so lets talk turkey!

The first package came from Max at The Pursuit of Baseball Card Wisdom. Max found my site through one of his buddies and I jumped in to take a look at his site. Max bleeds Dodger Blue and has an amazingly wide spectrum of cards posted to his blog. This is a great site that everybody should check out and be sure to contact Max for a trade or two. Here is the Turkeys he sent:

While my "scanner" does not really do much justice, we have Ichiro fresh from a tickle fight with Griffey Jr, Ty Cobb looking about 90 years old (did that guy always look so old), Gonzalez and Vlad the Impaler. Thanks again Max, and have fun with Man-Ram this weekend.

My second package came from JayBee who was able to score me six Turkey Reds :

Here we have Big Papi, Josh Hamilton, Todd Helton and his majestic Gottee, Pee-Wee Reese, The mighty Albert Pujols and Mel Ott in in one of the odder batting poses I have ever seen and also looks like a member of the crooked cap posse, which I will blog about some other day.

Thanks for the cards JayBee, much appreciated!

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