Monday, June 29, 2009

A Downpour of Mail

This evening was an amazingly fun evening, one of those nights that made me happy that I took up this hobby again. While envelopes have trickled in throughout the month, today my skinny little mailbox was overflowing with seven envelopes waiting to be ripped open! I will do my best to mention everybody, but I just want to thank you all up front for your generosity.

Envelope #1 - Comes from William at Foul Bunt who was kind enough to send me this Clay Buchholz:

Clay is going to be a phenom sometime real soon, and I am hoping the Red Sox find a way to fit him in full time in the near future. Thanks William!

Envelope #2 - From Peter at Dropped Third Strike, a bunch of cards. Firstly, thanks to Peter I would like to officially announce the completion of my second full Topps 2009 base set! That is one more hand-collated box out of the living room and into storage in the man cave. I have not figured out what to do with the second set yet, but if any of you are looking for a full base set and want to make an offer, let me know!

Secondly Peter was very generous with a wide assortment of quality Red Sox cards (most yankee fans are).

Others included were a Jed Lowrie rookie card, several Dustin Pedroia cards, a nice Cave Man Johnny and Varitek ROH from 2004 World Series, and a Jon Lester Bowman. Peter also sent me my first mini card, a Goudey Yovani Gallardo and a couple other nuggets. You may start to see a pattern in my preferences, but I will explain futher in tomorrows blog (teaser).

Envelope 3 was a set of 15 SP Legendary cuts purchased from Ebay on Friday for around 20 bucks, so roughly 1 buck apiece. I happily deleted some needs from my side bar.

Envelope 4 comes from Loi at Box Opener. Loi contacted me last week and really bailed me out on the final four commons for the SP Legendary Cuts as well as several Turkey Reds that I can now cross off my list. Below are some of the my favorites:

Loi just started blogging last month, but I checked out the site and was immediately impressed with the content and some of the amazing cards that are posted. I definitely recommend everybody drop in and see that latest happenings at Box Opener. Thanks Loi, let me know if you ever need anything.

Envelope 5 comes from Ben at Cardboard Icons.
I kept hounding Ben to trade for some series 2 commons, but he was deeply involved with the Rocky series at the time. Eventually he contacted me and what resulted was an exchange of 97 commons from the series. My heaviest envelope yet! Ben was to send me a couple Turkey Reds. Now most people send the value cards in between the Upper Deck discount cards, or the Toppstown as outside borders, so I was genuinely surprise to see my Turkey Reds sandwiched between two Evan Longoria rookie cards! These will definitely be going in the "not getting rid of ever" collection. Also included was an Alex Rodriguez/Evan Longoria combo card and a Ryan Braun. Thanks a ton Ben, and be sure to contact me about more commons as I think some are sliding this direction and Topps 2009 flagship was so June 2009!
Envelopes 6 and 7 we both from ebay vendor, subtracting a few from my SP 101-200.
What a great night. I feel that major progress has been made on all my set goals as they slowly come my wants board. I am really starting to get some great red sox cards as well and its time for me to start organizing by player, that oughta keep me busy for awhile!
Thanks again to everybody, I had a blast tonight!

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