Thursday, July 2, 2009

Talkin' Turkey

Usually when I look at card lots on Ebay, I usually find that I need far lest than 1/3 of what is for sale. The rest are normally duplicates. Today, however, I stumbled upon a gem of a deal (and price) that wiped out over 1/2 of my remaining Turkey Red needs! I am getting so close I can taste it (sorry), with just over 20 cards to go. I send out a plea to you,the blogosphere, to help me finish this set! Cards in a folder means one extra box available for other cards! Help save a tree! I have gold parallels, ROH, SP Legendary Cuts, Random team cards, my first born child (whoops, need to use Craigslist for him). Reach out to your friends, your friends of friends, your friends enemies, their parole officers, make it happen! Visit the side bar list and look for anything without a PENDING on the end of it and email

Oh, also included in this lot a some duplicates. As soon as inventory I will repost this evening so I can help you towards your Turkey Red collection as well. Thanks to all!

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