Friday, July 3, 2009

Red Sox Invasion!

It has taken me awhile to digest the massive box of Red Sox cards that were sent to me by Topher and Crackin Wax. I have determined that Minnesota REALLY hate the Red Sox, because I am fairly certain he sent me all of his Sox cards, went next door to his neighbor and took his, and also robbed the greater Twin Cities hobby shops of there's also. Going through these cards I learned a lot:

1) I REALLY need to bust down an purchase a scanner instead of surfing for images

2) I am more new school than old school...while I love a good Wade Boggs And Ellis Burks card, I really think that the newer cards and their varieties are more interesting cards to look at.

3) Since Topher supplied a great variety of products, I was able to compare and contrast Topps vs Upper Deck, and am decidedly favoring Topps products (minus a few exceptions).

4) The great variety is also helping me decide which series to collect next year,

5) I am going to need more binders and card sheets!

So while there is many to cover, I will pick out of few of my faves (new school), just a small sampling of a very gracious package...

I am so happy that I was able to find this image of Tavarez, because I absolutely loath this guy! I cannot even begin to tell you how many times the Sox turned to him, I would say to my wife "they are throwing in the towel" and within minutes, gas cans are lighting on fires and balls are flying all over the field and walls. I had the pleasure of watching the Red Sox tear Tavarez a new one last week in Washington. The Nats even had the nerve to throw him out there again the next day! I have never had such loathing for any other player. The guy at Ebay that I ripped this image from was asking $1.75 for this card! Good luck with that buddy. He will not be making the binder, but will keep him around for future blogs!

These Blaster patches are sweet and I am happy to have Yaz in my collection. I can imagine Topher rolling his eyes as his big payoff at the end of the box was a Red Sox!

These Topps Heritage cards are really nice, and I received several, but I will just display a couple. The images are just brilliant, simple, and warm....

...except for Lester. He'll tear your friggin' head off!

I received a few MLB Artifacts. I have heard this Dice-K card, and was excited to see it included in the package. I have no idea where the hell they stashed that guy all of a sudden, but I don't think he is done quite yet, and either way this is a classy card.

Spaceman Youk in a 2009 Topps Wal Mart Black variation. My card is actually a little darker than this image, so really has the rocket man going on.

2007 Topps Chrome Jason Varitek. The Captain is going to be missed when he rides off into the sunset at the end of this year of possibly next. He will be missed but it seems that the Sox have finally found an apprentice in George Kottaras who seems to be fitting in well with the pitchers and soaking in all of Tek's knowledge.

It's cards like these that make me antsy for this years set. There were several included in this box, including the Man-Ram (one of the nicer images really, but at this point I dont even have a binder page for him yet). Anyways, if any of you Ginter collectors are looking to get rid of your Sox this year, please keep me and JD in mind.

I will close out with the worst manager photo of Francona I have ever seen. It looks like they caught him mid yawn. The Topps editor must hate the Sox also.
There were a ton others including O Pee Chee, Turkey Reds 2007, Bowman, Fleer, Upper Deck...I could fill up a lot more space but you all get the idea. Thanks a ton Topher. I am having a blast going through and organizing these cards. Just let me know when you need some more Twins to keep you busy!

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  1. Nah, I don't hate the BoSox. I reserve that judgment for any team run by a Steinbrenner. I'm glad you're enjoying your hoard of cardboard! Keep me in mind to swap out A&G doubles, too!