Friday, October 1, 2010

2009 Mystery Cut Pending?

Gather 'round children and let me tell you a tale that started a looooooong time ago, like all the way back in March, at least that's where my tail begins. Many others have waited a might longer than I.

Back in March, when I began my "nine-spot" project, I was enjoying filling up binder pages full of 2009 SP Legendary Cuts inserts. To this day this remains my favorite product of my short 1.5 years of collecting. I love the auto's, I love the relics (say...whaaaaaaat?) and I even love the base, which often-times these days end up as an afterthought and bird cage line. Hell, at one point I even had 2/3 of the shortprints and foolishly sold them away to finance finishing up 2009 Topps Heritage...only to have them release a high-numbers set a few months later....grrrrrrrr. day I was wandering through my hobby shop and decided to purchase the sole SP Legendary Cuts box on the shelf, it had been collecting dust and I knew I could knock 20 bucks off the price so I snagged it.

The last pack shook out this baby...

Debate ensued. Keep or sell, sell or keep?

It became readily apparent to me that opportunities like this don't come around often, so I kept it, scratched it, and redeemed it....right before Upper Deck virtually went belly up.

So then the questions began...would I ever see this card, or is it going to get swallowed up like it never happened.

I called once, on a sick day and eventually got a rep that told me they were about a month out...this was last April. I wrote once from the trouble ticket address. Got an auto response that they were still another month out and that we would receive some free product for out troubles. I got two free autos from UD. Let me tell you, they was FAAAAAANCY! If you knew who the hell these players were I mean.

So I pretty much put it out of my mind, figured it was not meant to be, when suddenly this week I get this email...

Dear Valued Customer, (moi)

The Mystery Cuts are currently in house and are being hand numbered now. They should be ready to ship by the end of the week. Please expect to receive the Mystery Cut by mid October. If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email; I hope you have a great day!

Sincerely, Upper Deck Customer Service

YES! An awesome development. I keep thinking of all the time and effort that UD put into the bug cards, and am hoping that the cuts have the same quality. Hand-numbering is a good sign, could be a 1/1, or could be a 1/1000. could be a Ty Cobb, or could be a Ty Law. A Judge Judy, or a Judge Reinhold (god I hope not).

Either way, when I know you will know, so keep your fingers-crossed (if you support me, or want me to get hosed, either way just keep em crossed!)

UPDATE: looks like UD posted a video of potential hits going in the mail. Don't know exactly how many of these cuts redemptions there are, but I am stoked at the possibilities of a Thomas Edison in the mail...

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  1. If it's a Judge Reinhold (or a Ty Law), I call trade dibs.