Monday, September 27, 2010

Post-Season Heroes!

EDITORS NOTE: This posting was created yesterday morning, so Phillies love is still pending.

Congratulations go out to the first official participants in the 2010 MLB Postseason!

First off, we have the welcome addition of the Texas Rangers to the big dance. after a preseason with stories about Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton, and the addition of the aging bat of Vlad the Impaler, it seemed almost a forgone conclusion that that AL West was going to once again go to the Rally Monkeys of Anaheim. Here are a few images pulled from the vortex...the Kinsler is a numbered cycle that is still looking for a cycle for cycle exchange.

And then the AL Central. YOUR Minnesota Twins! I have always said how Minnesota magically seems to fall off my radar like most teams "in the middle" but I have to tell you, the crazy antics of Jim Thome make this one special team and its hard not to cheer for them, especially when they are put into the role of Yankee/Rays killers. I am definitely looking forward to some deep fall baseball in the new outdoor stadium, it should make for some great television.

Torii Hunter?? Okay, so he is not really a Twin, but I gotta find ways to throw in the card whenever I can :)
Phillies love tomorrow, and perhaps Cincy love as well????

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