Friday, October 1, 2010

Speaking of Dancing....

For your Friday grind, I submit to you nearly six minutes of entertainment by this guy...

I know, I know. The battle of the bad shirts continues. Where do these shirts come from? My suspicion is that Judson showed up in his Orange Crush shirt, and due to copyrights, he had to settle for something in the Topps wardrobe closet. And those guys at Topps, they likes to boogie!

See example B...
Topps even matched up ol' Cap'n Sig with some pink vapor. Poor Fella. But we are talking about Judson!

This last week a few mini cards came floating my way from Staton Island and our friend SpastikMoose. Anomalous cards are always welcome into the vortex and this one certainly qualifies.
So who is Judson Laipply. Well he is an Internet sensation, that's who! Judson received a 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter card for having the number one viral youtube video ever, called The Evolution of Dance. He has since released sequels to his popular video. This morning I decided to check it out and also include it here for you to burn some time on a Friday. While skeptical at first, he had me at the Brady Bunch. Enjoy!

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