Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Shall Not Pass!

Stick it, Yankees and Rays. While I concede that one of you's buggers is gunna win the division and the other of you's is going to be the wild card, you are going to have to do it on somebody else's dime, cuz we ain't rollin over and losing to help you out. You want the prize? You are going to have to win!
BTW, Evan Longoria hit the nail on the head with Tampa attendance, and is calling out fans to show up to the games. Now I will say that I like the Rays as a team, they have some great talent and seem to be a generally likable bunch of guys, but my lasting impression is the ALCS two years ago when out of nowhere, suddenly the whole city showed up with cowbells. Many looked confused as to how and when to cheer for the sport of baseball, but looked like they were having a grand ol time....until one game went into extra innings....and a good majority of them left the ballpark! In the playoffs! in the ALCS! In extra innings! On national television!
Seriously, Tampa, shape up. Go see the Troll on how to be a good fan. Better do it quickly though, as payroll cuts are looming for your team, and it will never look the same again.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Mike!
    Leaving early stinks, leaving early in the postseason is inexcusable...
    Lets not talk about payroll cuts till after the postseason, okay?