Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dance, Dance!

Tuesday night welcomed in three more clubs into the post-season fun. Two of them are from the *yawn* AL East, so congrats to them I guess, but no card lovin's today for ya.

Let's go back to Sunday's clincher though. YOUR Philadelphia Phillies!
Howard and the boys are quickly becoming a perennial post-season participant (or a PPSP). While it looked like they were in a world of hurt in late July, they slammed the pedal to the medal and ran away with the NL East. They consistently are winning because they are aggressive in trades and get who they want, when they want them....

Which makes this next team a lot more fun to root for, YOUR Cincinnati Reds!

This team is a blast. They are even my MLB the Show team. The best thing about this bunch is that they are young, talented, and have just the right sprinkle of veteran leadership mixed in. The Reds are playing with massive confidence right now and have plenty of arms and pop at the plate to make some post-season noise, but will lack of experience hold them back?

In so far: Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Texas, Minnesota, some AL East teams.
On the bubble: San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta,

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  1. I find myself really pulling for the Reds... A very decent bunch of guys. Plus, they are the only team that wanted to take a gamble on Jonny Gomes for the league minimum and Gomes is a superman!
    Plus, they have guys that survived the junk wax era and the busted prospect status - its hard not to root for Scott Rolen, plus the Reds used to spring train in my town and those guys were all great signers. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are both great TTM signers and that counts for something too. Really I am sick of watching the Phillies play so many games each year, somebody has to knock them off