Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bigfoot Spotted in Oregon!

Creature of Legend, Myth and Terror, Bigfoot himself was recently spotted kicking it with a Pina Colada, sunhat (or umbrella, depending on the moment) and a sweet pair of shades in the warm climate of Tampa, Florida or somewhere round them parts.

He was being housed by a fella who called himself Troll, a particularly troublesome young man with a borderline infatuation with deadly sea creatures, Rays they call them.

Anyways, Troll and I, we got to talking about this and that, and he brought up that he was currently housing Bigfoot himself..

"Bigfoot belongs in the Pacific Northwest" said I.

"He retired out here in Florida" said Troll.

A long, tedious summit occurred lasting at least two emails, and eventually we had worked a deal where I would trade him some deadly Rays for the elusive Bigfoot himself (along with quite the entourage that came across the country with him...Bigfoot travels well).

Anyways, along the way, several spotting's occurred as Bigfoot left his mark.

And last Saturday, after a week of bigfooting it across the country, Bigfoot arrived in Oregon.

I love this subset and am slowly starting to piece one really really slowly...I think he and unicorn are the only ones so far! Thanks again to Troll for adding to the Mini Card Vortex, Bigfoot will be quite happy next to Tiger Shark, the Peruvian flag, The Revolving Door, and Julio Lugo!


  1. You'd think someone like Bigfoot would have more than one pair of shades.

  2. Judging by the carnage you depicted Bigfoot was not pleased to find that his social security ran out and he had to go back to work... At least he had a posse to travel with. I can imagine Willy Mo Pena going into Subway on his behalf to grab him a footlong... But wait, this sandwich isn't the size of HIS foot... Willy Mo, you have failed!!!
    Wow, where did that come from??? The deadly Rays are happy to be back home, but Aki is confused as to where HE belongs... Great trading with you bro! Cheers!