Monday, October 4, 2010

Fantastic Sunday Finales.

My heart goes out to you fans who had to endure a walking-on-pins-and-needles final MLB weekend to see if your team made it to the dance. While most fans either jettisoned baseball for football, or watched a casual game knowing that most players were already packed and had thoughts of vacation in their heads, some teams were fighting all weekend for their post-season lives. Here are the survivors... Way to go Giants! After a completely grueling series with the San Diego Padres, the Giants found a way to take the final game in the set. The strategic move to move Timmy up one game in anticipation of a playoff game today nearly came to fruition, but the Giants finally found a way to shut the door.

I am excited for this team. I am excited to see Lincecum get his first post-season run, and I am excited to see this team finally move out from behind the cloud that was Barry Bonds. This is definitely a rag-tag bunch, but the atmosphere in SF should be electric.
Meanwhile on the other side of the nation, have you ever heard of this guy?

Jason Heyward and the Atlanta Braves are headed to the playoffs thanks to a massive effort on Sunday. They needed every run they could muster too, as they barely held on and nearly face a one-game playoff with the Padres today. Phew!

Atlanta is having a Cinderella season. While they no-doubt have been in this position before, something just feels more solid about this bunch, who have a great mix of veteran and youth leadership on the team. It's hard not to pull for Bobby Cox, talk about a great way to end your career.
Overall, I am really excited about the playoffs this year. Typically it is hard to get motivated when your team does not make it, but everything is just so DIFFERENT this year. Cincinnati, Texas, Atlanta, San Francisco, talk about a bunch of teams that you can really root for.
Nielson ratings...count me in!


  1. I am totally on board with this post. Even though the Cards didn't make it, I'm rooting for the Braves to do well for Bobby Cox's last season. I'm also happy to see the Giants in the mix as well. And since the NL finally won the All-Star game this year, I'll be rooting for whoever plays against the AL (unless it's the Reds).

  2. Really Randy? The Braves? The Giants? Did you take that right from Stephanie?