Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Accidental Treasure

We have all done this.

You know when you go to your hobby shop and go up to the front counter to pay, and the dollar amount just looks a little too odd. Your total is something like $23.00 and you want to round it up to an even $30?

So you quickly scan the counter and look at all the point-of-purchase displays that you typically would never ever give a second thought.

Last spring I did just this. I had gone to the shop and snagged a box of SP authentic, the latest Beckett magazine, a few binder sleeves, and I felt that my total just was not even enough, absentmindedly grabbed three packs of Panini basketball, because they were closest to the register.

Typically I tend to avoid open boxes laying on the counter. You worry about pack searchers and maybe the owner doing some shading pack-swapping, but that day I figured what the heck.

Accidental treasure is when you open up some foreign product and you pull out a nice auto or relic totally unexpected. I nailed two hits in three packs (the third pack had some weird OJ Mayo cardboard jersey that looked like an air freshener).

Admittedly, I really had no idea who Brandon Jennings was until I looked him up. The Bucks have fallen into obscurity and he simply was not on my ROY radar (nor did he win, but he came close)! The second hit speaks for itself.

What were your accidental treasures?


  1. I just had one last night. I stopped by one of the big grocery stores last night for pizza fixins and couldn't help picking up a couple packs of Topps Platinum. I didn't expect much but pulled a Jamaal Charles/Dexter McCluster dual auto patch card #d to 25! Out of a retail pack!! Unbelievable. I tried finding one on ebay to get a price estimate but couldn't find one active or sold. Pretty sweet.

  2. wow! That is a crazy lucky hit for retail. I would love to see it!

  3. Check out to check out the card.